Welcome! We study complex fluids and transport phenomena in various aspects of science and engineering. Our group uses insights from micro-scale fluid mechanics, colloid science and soft condensed matter physics to solve fundamental problems that arise in biophysical transport and in the processing of formulated chemical products. Explore our researchpublications or people pages for more information.

We are in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UC Davis. Find us in 3114 or 3071 Bainer Hall in the Davis campus, or write to us at hmanikantan[at]ucdavis.edu to connect. Or, follow us at @hari_manikantan on twitter.

The (fully vaccinated!) group, June 2021. L to R, standing: Jiayu Li, Vishnu Vig, Sam Wang, Thomas Nguyen. L to R, sitting: Rohit Mokkarala, Hari Manikantan, Haruka Shudo