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Bonus feature! Research publications as limericks, inspired by the great Keith Moffatt

In chronological order:

Physics of Fluids 25, 073603 (2013)
When polymers migrate across a vortex array,
Mimicking some aspects of a cellular assay;
The motion is subdiffusive,
As Brownian forces are imperative,
In not letting the polymers get away.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 735, 705 (2013)
Suspend in a fluid an elastic filament,
It buckles as it is allowed to sediment,
As tension overpowers rigidity,
The trajectories indeed are pretty,
Because on a slower timescale, it does reorient.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 756, 935 (2014)
Settling fibers have interactions hydrodynamic,
To track their stability we developed a theory kinetic;
Right from the base state,
We have a modified growth rate,
That reveals the effect of flexibility, albeit asymptotic.

Physical Review E: Rapid Communications 92, 041002 (2015)
A semiflexible polymer in compression,
Undergoes a ‘stretch’ to ‘coil’ transition;
It buckles like Euler predicted,
But with Brownian effects corrected,
Indeed, it is a thermally rounded bifurcation.

Physics of Fluids 28, 013303 (2016).
To test our theory for a suspension,
We performed many a simulation;
Fibers reorient when flexible,
So the suspension is more (or less) stable,
Which one, depends on Brownian motion.

Doctoral dissertation
Graduate school was a long ride, both geographic and metaphoric;
Intense were some moments, both dysphoric and euphoric;
But bending and buckling,
To tumbling and trapping,
Earned me my doctorate, combining the viscous and the elastic.

Physical Review Fluids 2, 023301 (2017)
A thin gap on an interface filled with surfactant,
With a surface viscosity that is pressure dependent;
Solvable by separation,
Flux has a new limitation,
For a disk approaching a wall, the force is divergent;

Proceedings of the Royal Society A 473, 0346 (2017)
Pressure dependent viscosity is a bit of a complication,
Unless, of course, you use the methods of perturbation;
Lost is kinematic reversibility,
Curveballs on the interface are an oddity,
But it can be tamed, thanks to a reciprocal calculation.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 892, P1 (2020)
[in the works!]