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Bonus feature! Research publications as limericks, inspired by the great Keith Moffatt

In chronological order:

Physics of Fluids 25, 073603 (2013)
When polymers migrate across a vortex array,
Mimicking some aspects of a cellular assay;
The motion is subdiffusive,
As Brownian forces are imperative,
In not letting the polymers get away.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 735, 705 (2013)
Suspend in a fluid an elastic filament,
It buckles as it is allowed to sediment,
As tension overpowers rigidity,
The trajectories indeed are pretty,
Because on a slower timescale, it does reorient.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 756, 935 (2014)
Settling fibers have interactions hydrodynamic,
To track their stability we developed a theory kinetic;
Right from the base state,
We have a modified growth rate,
That reveals the effect of flexibility, albeit asymptotic.

Physical Review E: Rapid Communications 92, 041002 (2015)
A semiflexible polymer in compression,
Undergoes a ‘stretch’ to ‘coil’ transition;
It buckles like Euler predicted,
But with Brownian effects corrected,
Indeed, it is a thermally rounded bifurcation.

Physics of Fluids 28, 013303 (2016).
To test our theory for a suspension,
We performed many a simulation;
Fibers reorient when flexible,
So the suspension is more (or less) stable,
Which one, depends on Brownian motion.

Doctoral dissertation
Graduate school was a long ride, both geographic and metaphoric;
Intense were some moments, both dysphoric and euphoric;
But bending and buckling,
To tumbling and trapping,
Earned me my doctorate, combining the viscous and the elastic.

Physical Review Fluids 2, 023301 (2017)
A thin gap on an interface filled with surfactant,
With a surface viscosity that is pressure dependent;
Solvable by separation,
Flux has a new limitation,
For a disk approaching a wall, the force is divergent;

Proceedings of the Royal Society A 473, 0346 (2017)
Pressure dependent viscosity is a bit of a complication,
Unless, of course, you use the methods of perturbation;
Lost is kinematic reversibility,
Curveballs on the interface are an oddity,
But it can be tamed, thanks to a reciprocal calculation.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 892, P1 (2020)

In bubbles, drops and waves, fluid interfaces are unavoidable,
Yet their dynamics are not always tractable,
Because in matters of flow,
As our tome will show,
Surfactant is a hidden variable.